News: Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

                          One of the best Flash games inspired by urban gardening.

One simple way of alleviating food shortage or rather minimizing your food expenses: Planting your own food. Of course this won't literally save you from a zombie apocalypse but this could surely save you some extra bucks.

This idea has the following benefits.

  • You are sure that there are no pesticides and other harmful chemicals in what you eat.
  • It will give you extra savings by lessening your expenses in terms of buying spices and veggies.
  • Happiness in watching the plants growing in your own yard.
  • You could help saving the world by recycling some waste materials. Like old car wheels exteriors could be used as plant pots and Styrofoam boxes.


Urban Gardening

Pechay (Chinese Cabbage) in a styrofoam box.

Urban Gardening

Kamatis (Native tomatoes) also in a styrofoam box.

Urban Gardening

Siling (Chili de Arbol) Best in sauces.

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