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News: Street Food Fanatic.

Being a street food fanatic I took a picture of one of my favorite street foods. This street food belongs to the super cholesterol loaded level. But the taste was so awesome and only @ P5.00 I am having a hard time saying no to this:

News: Nothing Beats Buying @ The Fishmongers Stall

I am missing those times when I get to go to the fishmongers @ the beach in our home town. You get to buy the freshest and the latest catch from the local fishermen. And whats more, you get it cheaper than anywhere on the planet. Even at the lowest price you can still haggle to go lower where at some point the fishmongers would give some extra fish just so you would buy again from them.

News: Water, Chocolate and, Tequila Shortage

Source: http://www.cracked.com/article_19048_6-important-things-you-didnt-know-were-running-out-of.htmlIf all news are absolutely true, then we are in deeper trouble than we previously thought. Read full articles by clicking on the link above. I know this is a bit late but the thought takes time to sink in and it makes me shudder at the thought.Source: http://holykaw.alltop.com/brace-yourselves-for-possible-chocolate-short

News: Urban Gardening

One of the best Flash games inspired by urban gardening. One simple way of alleviating food shortage or rather minimizing your food expenses: Planting your own food. Of course this won’t literally save you from a zombie apocalypse but this could surely save you some extra bucks.

News: The New Look of The Philippine Peso

Wow... look at those cash..Congratulations to the designers of the new Philippine Peso currency. Although only a small portion printed are in circulation I finally saw them thru a friend.They really look nice.. And so good to look at..Except for one major thing. The value didn't change. New look same value. For which I don't know how this could help alleviate the growing hunger of the Filipino people.I just wish our economy grows sooner.

News: People Who Can't Afford Food

These pictures was taken on the bus during my ride going home from work. My heart reaches out to them, Street children who cannot afford to buy food. Who resort to sniffing solvent fumes just to forget hunger and the harsh reality of life.I just wish I could something for them. I saw them on the sidewalk near SM Makati under MRT Ayala Station.

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