Forum Thread: Is abstaining food enough to lose weight?

Is abstaining food enough to lose weight?


As the booming problem in obesity continues to grow, this question arises: Is abstaining from food enough to lose weight? 

I think there's nothing wrong with loving food (I am a food lover). Just don't over eat and don't forget to exercise.

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5 Responses

I don't think the issue is abstaining from food, but more about moderation and intake. And learning to cook foods properly, saving the junk food for special occasions. Or getting rid of junk food altogether!

I agree wtih @toastykitten. Sticking to healthy food, in my experience, automatically means less calories - and you can eat 'til you're full! I've been on a calorie reduced diet almost my whole life without even paying attention to calories - just focus on healthy stuff. Check out my Books world blog entry for a low calorie, delicious breakfast recipe called meganutrient shake that I'm enjoying as I type. And if you do need a snack for calories after exercise, eat healty calories. You'd be amazed at what a half dozen almonds will do - instead of an Oh Henry bar for example.

@toastykitten thanks for the reply. Nice input BTW.

@Steven Dufresne thanks also for the reps.. I've read your blog and it's nice. Except for an average filipino those ingredients would dry up our wallets. Haha.

Anyways, there are different types of calorie or carbo or cholesterol tolerance per person. Best thing here is to exercise and exercise. thanks again..

@Junix, Good observation. It does seem like the heatlhier the diet, the more expensive it is.

@Steven, Yes. And it's kind of funny really. Sometimes I wonder who would be able to survive. The one who can afford all the food or the one who can go without food nowadays,, Thanks steve..

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